Tuesday, August 16, 2011

On Bounce

Bounce is probably our best documented song to date.  Somehow, we wound up with at least three recordings of this song, and then there's this incredibly detailed summary I wrote below that's used to describe the recording from one of our first practice sessions as Elemental Meaning under the youtube video.

I didn't realize it when I started improvising over this song by Markita, but this is almost certainly a "make-out" song.  In this recording I was thinking about something that has very little to do with that.

A "behind the music" recording of Markita Moore's band "Elemental Meaning" at one of their first practices earlier in the year with notes about the band, music, and sibling disputes. Also, a fairly descriptive written review of the Olympus VN-6200PC recorder's performance for picking up a wide range of musical violin nuances (artificial harmonics, pizzicato, overall ensemble).

Markita Moore on guitar and voice, Ian Tran on Violin, David Watson on the drum set, and Erica Thomas trying out the tambourine. You can hear the run through of the song until about 6:30, and then I start asking questions (I was improvising over the song at the time). You can also hear a sibling dispute take place, it seems like it was later resolved between them but I still feel bad that I didn't know how to resolve it at the time as an adult. Definitely something noted for myself to learn before I want to become a parent.

The photo seen in the video and blog is of a lamp from my room that was taken (circa 2006) long before the band came about. Markita liked it so we adopted the image for the band's use!

Recorded on the Olympus VN-6200PC I used for recording lectures, I'm surprised it picked everyone up fairly well and pretty much balanced us out. Markita was singing through a microphone and playing on a well amplified guitar, Dave played drums, and I placed the recorder on a chair with its internal mic pointed in my direction. A careful ear can hear me playing a tremolo with artificial harmonics on the violin behind everything else (02:13). Despite the mic's ability to pick it up, it noticeably muted and distorted the violin's plucked (pizzicato) notes on the violin around 04:40 . Still, for a voice audio recorder, I think it's pretty good--one can certainly hear Markita's voice, right?!