Sunday, February 12, 2012

Homestretch--lyrical revision Humanity for Hypocrites

Let's see if we can pull this off. New lyrics between last night and today:

Humanity for Hypocrites

[Bass motif 1x w/ pizz. viola* or atmospheric string noise]
[percussion at 2nd iteration...then muted trumpet blurb and "Ahhh" 3rd]

I am... [4th iteration of bass motif]
A human
[Forte guitar chord strike immediately after “human”; bass guitar work changes]

You say the world will be lovely--that all is fair.
First breath I take and I’m choking--the pain’s still there.
Why do you lie so smugly?
These gaps inhibit well-being -for all the knowing, the doing, the learning who care.

You say the world turns slowly, you’re pushing air.
One step outside and I’m dizzy, it’s everywhere!
Half truths yield burdensome sorrow
for the workers, the learners, the noble world servers.

Take the derivative, you’ll find your place in time.
Live out the truth and keep your peace of mind.

Enough with othering [“oth’ring”] you.
Extend to me, a facet of your mercy

[window for instrumental interlude/solos]

[Initial bass motif]
We are... all humyn.
[chorus/verse bass guitar work again]
You’ve got a part in this!
We speak when words come easy--
act or neglect when discord prevails.
We are the breakers, creators, ambivalent fakers!
[“*outro chorus/bridge thing”]
Hu_man_i_ty  for hy_po_crit_es.

[solo(s), then soli*]
[Initial bass motif x2, suspend on f natural]
Welcome back to humanity.

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