Saturday, February 11, 2012

Humanity for Hypocrites

Humanity for Hypocrites was inspired by a dream I had perhaps in 2005 during high school--I recall hearing the opening bass guitar motif and verse but was unsuccessful in figuring out the notes to play the song until December of 2011. The title came forth the morning of February 9th during a calculus class after thinking about paradox and contradictions elsewhere in life. I'll have to edit this post or further expound elsewhere on this concept some other time time.

We're now trying to put this song together within the week of its performance at the Spirit Spit. As you might imagine, I'm working overtime to figure out lyrics and the rest of the composition. Here's where I (and hopefully the rest of Elemental Meaning) am so far. Some of the lyrics didn't quite make sense once I tried singing them...

Humanity for Hypocrites [working title: High school dream song]:

[Bass motif 2x, pizz. viola* or atmospheric string noise]
[percussion at 5th iteration...then muted trumpet blurb on 6th]

I am... [beat four?]
A human
[Forte guitar chord strike immediately after “human”; bass guitar work changes]

You say the world will be lovely--that all is fair.
First breath I take and I’m choking--the pain’s still there.
Why do you lie so smugly?
This gap inhibits well-being
for all the workers, the learners, the noble world servers.

You say the world turns slowly, you’re pushing air.
One step outside and I’m dizzy, it’s everywhere!
Wide gaps inhibit well-being--for all the knowing, the doing, the learning who care.

[window for brief instrumental interlude/solos]
Enough with othering [“oth’ring”] you.
[Initial bass motif]
We are... all humyn. ["we are" sung in duet, "all humyn" everybody]
[chorus/verse bass guitar work again]
You’ve got a part in this!
We speak when words come easy--
act or neglect when discord prevails.
We are the breakers, creators, the ambivalent fakers.

[solo(s), then soli*]
[Initial bass motif x2, suspend on f natural]
Welcome back to humanity.

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